A couple of years ago, I developed a free e-book called the Green Careers Resource Guide – mostly for career and workforce development professionals. But before long, it was being used by many students, career explorers and job seekers who were interested in finding meaningful work to match their green values. At the time, there were few sources available with reliable information on green jobs or careers. In fact, to this day, there is significant confusion about what is a green job or career, where are they, and how do you get one?

In any case, I decided to do three things:

1)  I teamed up with friend and career counselor/author Alice Rush to begin work on a new career guidance book entitled Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future. That new book is just now being published by New Society Publishers and will be on bookstore shelves by late March 2009.

2)  I decided to update the Green Careers Resource Guide on a regular basis – every 3-4 months – in order to maintain an up-to-date and growing list of green career resources and links.

3)  I decided to develop and offer workshop training sessions for organizations and individuals who are interested in learning more about green jobs and careers. This includes audiences that range from job seekers and career explorers to career and workforce development professionals, among others.

So as you can imagine, this past year has been a busy one!

How does my free electronic Green Careers Resource Guide compare to the new book? In short, the new book has about 300 pages of occupational content that isn’t in the free resource guide, including comprehensive career profiles that address 90 different occupations and Q&A interviews with nearly 70 people who work in those job/career fields (including green entrepreneurs). In a perfect world, one would use the book for that rich occupational content, but use the resource guide for the most up-to-date resource descriptions and links.

I hope you find both of my green career publications useful. Please let others know about them by directing them to this blog or to my website: www.cassio.com

I always welcome feedback!

Jim Cassio